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Apululu merges Cuban, Latin American, and European culinary influences into a fun, easy-to-eat Latin American Street Food menu.  On weekends experience the amazing Cuban paella. For more information or questions about ordering, call 786-384-0389

Store Hours:  Tue-Wed 11:30am-6pm, Thu-Sat noon-9pm

Check with the Foodie Labs event page for the times for the Paella Party Pop-Up!

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Experience our new Latin American/Cuban/European fusion food concept.  Our team is led by the passionate duo of artists – chef Taimi Carrero Garcia and visual artist Raciel Gomez Golpe.  Art & Food = Apululu.  Inspired by the belief that “love enters through the kitchen.”

Every  dish is a  taste explosion, a fusion made with love & laughter.

Homemade, NYC-styled bagels that we hand-roll, boil and bake fresh to order. Crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, try our bagels with one of our signature schmears. Or elevate your experience with one of our classic bagel sandwiches.
Store Hours: Tues-Sat 7am-1:30pm; Sun 8am-1pm
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A good bagel to a New Jerseyan is simply a necessity. So, when the gang and I picked up and moved to Florida in 2021, we immediately noticed a big problem: no good bagels! What could this mean? No more weekends at the local bagel shop picking up a hot dozen to go with our scrambled eggs and pork roll? We wouldn’t let the rituals end. We knew we had to transform from a family of bagel-lovers to a crew of bagel-bakers. And it all started with me, the OG “bagel babe” and gymnast turned baker.

After a few years of hand-rolling plenty of flat bagels in my kitchen, using my NJ-Italian family of critics & cooks as the judges, I finally mastered my recipe for our OG Plain Babe Bagel. I can promise you the Florida water was never the problem. These bagels are proof. But you don’t have to take my word for it, just try one and you’ll see.


Peanut Butter Rush is the most amazing peanut butter pie in Tampa Bay! Packaged in a 4 oz jar with just the right amount of crumble crust in the middle. Every bite leaves you wanting more!

For more information or questions about ordering, call 844-SFOODIE (844-736-6343)

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Peanut Butter Rush is a family recipe with a little twist. The original peanut butter pie was the creation of grandmother, Margaret “Rush”, from Dallas, TX. Her granddaughter (and owner of Peanut Butter Rush) added her twist to the recipe and decided to package the pie  in a 4 oz portable jar! The experience of getting a little bit of crust in every bite is important, so you will not find the crust on the bottom. The crust is perfectly layered between two layers of the peanut butter goodness! 

Authentic Roman Style Pizza – The Best in St. Pete!  Two different types: Roman style  rectangular slice known as pizza al taglio (“pizza by the cut”) uses a foccacio type sourdough – light, airy, and oh so wonderful with our artisan toppings.  Pinza (or “pinsa”) is an oval pizza that is unlike anything else – a dough that is like the best Italian bread you’ve ever tasted.

Our hours vary, depending on when we run out! We are normally open 11:30am – 6pm Tue-Thu, and 11:30am – 9pm Fri & Sat.

For more information or questions about ordering, call 844-SFOODIE (844-736-6343)


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Roman-style pizza is a square/rectangular slice that is one of most popular street foods in Rome.  The toppings are kept simple so that the crust, tomato sauce, and cheese are highlighted.  The cheese goes to the edges, like Detroit-style pizza.  The crust is more like a focaccia than Sicilian pizza. And there is always some fresh herbs – primarily basil.

Quick snacks, grab & go!  And beverages!

For more information or questions about ordering, call 844-SFOODIE (844-736-6343).

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More great food coming soon!


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