What Is a Ghost Kitchen?

According to Wikipedia, a ghost kitchen (also known as a virtual restaurant, cloud kitchen, or dark kitchen) “… is a food service business that serves customers exclusively by delivery and pick-up based on phone and online ordering.  It is a separate food vendor entity that operates out of an existing restaurant’s kitchen. By not having a full-service restaurant premise with a storefront and dining room, virtual restaurants can economize by occupying cheaper real estate. The reduced space lowers overall overhead and operational costs, thus yielding higher profit margins, as the price of the food provided is typically not changed. The ghost kitchen’s lack of a retail presence allows for multiple restaurants and brands to buy into it.”  The beauty of ghost kitchens is that you’re in control of most of the operational aspects other than delivery. You don’t have to be located in a high-priced location, you don’t have to employ wait staff and you can easily customize your menu so that it only focuses on food that is delivery-friendly.

The Foodie Labs ghost kitchen concept does dramatically decrease the cost for a food vendors as compared to a standard restaurant, a food hall, or even a food truck.  All orders are placed online, and food is either picked up or delivered (for the Foodie Labs, food is delivered through our collaboration with DoorDash).

For the Foodie Labs, a ghost kitchen means a lot more.  Think of the Foodie Labs as a creative co-working space, where other like-minded food entrepreneurs come to learn and grow in the culinary arts.

What you will get:

  • Your own full kitchen with refrigeration and storage
  • All utilities as part of your fee (except phone)
  • Access 24/7 with security
  • Marketing by the Foodie Labs
  • An ordering app that you can customize
  • A special deal with DoorDash Delivery – $7 flat fee within 8 miles
  • A special deal through our software provider giving our vendors a credit card payment rate of 2.95 and $0.30 processing fee.

What you DON’T have to worry about:

  • Property taxes
  • Property insurance premiums
  • Maintenance costs
  • Garbage pick up
  • A long term commitment
  • Communal charges (no CAM is charged)

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